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What Makes A Sosua Website Great? | Sosua Web Design & Cabarete Website Design

What Makes A Sosua Website Great?

When you have a Sosua or Cabarete website that doesn’t invite people in, that doesn’t capture leads than you have a website that is equivalent to a billboard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which basically means you have a brochure and not a lead generating web design.

I’m going to tell you about the top 10 ways that a website for your Dominican Republic or Caribbean business can help you make money. Follow this web design recipe and you will experience the power of online marketing. A bad website can really kill your business but the right design can take your business to the next level.

Have a lead generating website rather than an online brochure all starts with the basic elements like a contact form, links to your social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin, good navigation and easy clean access to your pages.

Since 1997 I have helped clients around the world have online success by using my web design philosophy that includes the following 10 important elements.

1.) Mobile Friendly – You want your website to look good on a big 27 inch desktop monitor but 50% of people are using either a mobile phone, a tabloid, iPhone, smartphone or an iPad to look at content online and if your website doesn’t adjust to fit their screen and every other type of device they will leave and go find a website that is easy to look at and navigate through. And, when a potential client clicks away in the first 30 seconds it hurts what Google refers to as “bounce rate” which affects your search engine ranking and cost per click prices in any Adwords campaign you may be running.

2.) Tap to Call – Your customers do their online searches while they are out and about using their mobile device and the “tap to call” function on my web designs enable them to contact businesses with just one click. On my website designs I offer multiple calls to action that say “call us now”, and all the mobile user has to do is click to connect and ask their questions. I have seen as much as a 50% increase in phone calls with this one single feature. It makes calling effortless for the mobile user while they are standing in line at the grocery store or stuck in traffic.

3.) Easy Navigation – You have to make it easy for the visitor to find what they are looking for on your website in less than 25 seconds. So you want to have simple, elegant pieces of information at their finger tips. Having a home page loaded with content will kill any chances of online success. You home page must provide links to the exact content the user is in search of.

4.) Lead Capture – Most business websites do not have a lead capture mechanism! The online user and potential client has to be told what to do next, after landing on your site. If you don’t have a call to action by asking the visitor to contact you, 75% of the time they won’t. Without providing an incentive for site visitors to contact you the website becomes a brochure rather than a lead generating formula. Your lead capture mechanism can be as simple as saying “call us now” or a contact form offering a free quote, consultation or something of value in return for their email address. Your lead capture mechanism must be shown several times on the front page and it should be in the right hand corner to attract the eye because as you know we read from left to right and this invites the eye to the interaction. So give them some reasons to contact you today beyond just hoping that you will receive online inquiries.

5.) Video – People love video! The search engines love video! Every video you have on your website is helping you with your search engine rankings because the website visitor will watch about 30 seconds of your video and continue to navigate through your website which means they are spending more time on your website and not just clicking away immediately. This improves your “bounce rate” and Google rewards website with good bounce rates. People like to watch short informational videos and high quality videos keeps people on your website longer and converts prospects into customers better than any other form of content.

6.) Testimonials / Reviews on your website – We live in a reputation society and its really important now more than ever in online marketing to provide good testimonials from current and past clients. The website visitor will glace at your “about us” page but they will take the time to read and trust what other say about you, your products and services. Highlight testimonials and feature several reviews on your home page and you will see an immediate increase in email and telephone inquiries.

7.) Visual interest – Websites need visual interests. Use images to show people what you do. In the online world photographs are really important because people don’t stop long enough to read a lot of text. So an image that illustrates your profession is going to convey what you do visually. It doesn’t matter what your business is, if you have images that tell your story you will the get peoples attention who are looking for what you offer. So make sure that you always put photographs on your website.

8.) High Quality Content – When you write the kind of information people are searching for your website and information will be found online faster because you will be rewarded by the search engines for delivering quality content and that’s what the search engines and the online users want. Write your content for the interest of the reader and not for the search engine spiders which focuses on key word density.

9.) Privacy/Terms of Service Notices – All websites need to have these two things so that the business owner is not violating any laws that pertain to advertising or promoting using a website. Not having links to your privacy policy and terms of service may have a major impact on future search engine rankings as well.

10.) Social Media Connections – In this day and age you need social connections. This is not as important as the other nine steps above but it is part of the formula that will make you shine online. About 20% of the online users want to checkout your Facebook, your Twitter or your LinkedIn. It is important to make it really easy for those individuals who want to research your company by visiting your social platforms. They want to know that you really are a professional so its really important that your website has good social media connections.

Okay, that’s my top 10 but other important elements that make a website successful include having a contact page with all your communication channels, A logo that defines your brand, moving graphics such as a slider, maps showing your location and a FAQ page that answers the most common questions about your business. 

Your Sosua and Cabarete website is just one part of your overall integrated marketing plan. What I mean by integrated is that you have to look at your entire marketing process and acknowledge that you need to go online and a good website will be the central part of your overall online marketing plan. Along with a good website you need to keep it updated, you need to create a list of followers to communicate with and continue developing ways to communicate after the website visitor becomes a customer or client.

Good luck,

Randy Bess

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